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The first phase of construction is complete and homeowners are starting to move in.   Your hard work is paying off and your investment is on the road to success.  With the growth of the development comes added responsibilities; responsibilities that require time, specialized knowledge and experience.  You now need to provide and implement governing documents, manage homeowner requests, arrange for and supervise contract work and administer the association income and expenditures in a segregated account.

With community associations, inevitably come homeowner concerns and diverse personalities that can quickly enflame an entire community and potentially overshadow your success.  Here’s where we come in.  JES Management is equipped to remove these distractions leaving you with your valuable time to do what you do best, develop.  We work with you to create a comprehensive management plan for your Community that will assist in enhancing developer relations and increase your sales.  This plan includes implementing a budget and an association dues structure used for management and other association expenses.

Developing is more than just building homes, it is about creating a community that provides quality of life and leaving your name and reputation behind to be enjoyed by future homeowners.  Once your role as developer is complete, JES Management will help you successfully guide the association through the transition from developer control to member ownership, leaving behind the continuity that exists when a management company is involved from the beginning.  From the construction of the first home and into the future, JES Management is there bringing structure and harmony to your community association. 

To request a proposal please contact us at 406.837.4536 or email us at

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